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‘There are very few people involved in the PR business who can match Ruth Killick's creativity, originality, good-humoured determination, charm and loyalty. She is a pleasure to work with and has a unrivalled ability to generate publicity across a wide variety of media’.

Professor Diarmaid Ferriter, author of Ambiguous Republic, Occasions of Sin and The Transformation of Ireland

‘Ruth Killick is a very effective communications and public relations professional who really knows how to get results. She is persistent, determined and thorough. I was very impressed by what she achieved for me in getting my messages out to huge audiences.’

Tony Juniper, author of What Has Nature Ever Done For Us? How Money Really Does Grow on Trees

'I knew I was in superb hands with Ruth Killick when she had me SPRINTING between media appointments. That's how skillful and relentless she is at generating publicity and that's why my book quickly became a bestseller. When a good friend recently asked for pointers for about launching his own book, I didn't give him advice; I gave him Ruth's number.’

Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run

'Ruth Killick is not your average PR type; she's creative, energetic and thoughtful -- and really good at finding interesting story angles right across the media. More than that, she's tenacious and doesn't give up on you. It's been a huge pleasure to work with Ruth'

Professor Mary Beard, author of Pompeii and presenter of BBC2's Meet the Romans with Mary Beard

'Ruth Killick is a joy to work with:  professional, knowledgeable, and intimately familiar with the media.  I could not ask for a better publicist'

Professor Francis Fukuyama, author of The Origins of Political Order, State Building, and The End of History

'Ruth Killick is the most energetic publicist I have worked with. I have greatly enjoyed our collaboration.’

Chris Mullin, author of A View From the Foothills, Decline & Fall , and A Walk on Part

‘Working with Ruth Killick was a fantastic experience. She seems to know everyone in publishing, radio, and TV, and has boundless energy and enthusiasm. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat.’

Professor Ian Morris, author of Why the West Rules – For Now

'Ruth Killick has done an absolutely superb job as publicist for my latest book, securing top-quality coverage across national newspapers, magazines, radio and television. She has that perfect combination of intellectual acumen, creative flair and brilliant contacts that make all the difference for planning and executing a successful PR campaign. I can't recommend her highly enough.'

Roman Krznaric, author of The Wonderbox and faculty member of The School of Life  

 ‘Ruth Killick is inspiring. She has the ability to show just how enormous and seemingly insurmountable the job of marketing in publishing is, whilst at the same time demonstrating that methodical hard work, diligence and sheer ingenuity can break this impossible task down into entirely attainable targets. Go Ruth!’ 

Ra Page, Comma Press, organiser, LiteratureNorthWest Masterclass




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